Work-based Learning (Fully Funded CPD)

Achieve More training have worked with the Sector Skill Council – Skills Active to provide National Occupational Standard (NOS) training for staff working within Sport, Leisure and Education.

These work-based learning qualifications are FULLY FUNDED and delivered flexibly to suit you and your employer’s needs.

Watch the Sector specific videos below or click the links for more detailed information on relevant job roles and progressions.

Or simply, leave your details at the bottom of this page and one of our dedicated team will contact you to share details of relevant Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses…


Education CPD

Education – Level 2 & 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning Eng / Cym

Education – Level 3 Learning and Development (Assessors) Eng 

Education – Level 4 Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Eng

Education – Level 4 Certificate in Education Eng

Education – Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance

Education -  Level 4 Leadership And Management in Education Eng

Education – Level 5 Leadership And Management in Education Eng / Cym




Sport – Level 2 Activity Leadership

Sport – Level 2 & 3 Playwork Eng 

Sport - Level 3 PE and School Sport Eng / Cym

Sport – Level 4 & 5 Leadership and Management in Sport



Leisure / Fitness CPD

Leisure / Fitness – Level 2 Strength and Conditioning

Leisure / Fitness – Level 2 Gym Instructor – Eng / Cym

Leisure / Fitness – Level 3 Personal Trainer Eng / Cym

Leisure / Fitness – Level 3 & 5 Leisure Management Eng / Cym 


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