Tutor/Assessor – Traineeship

Job Description


· Support recruitment of eligible 16-18 year old learners onto the traineeship level 1 programme.

· To deliver and support development of the Achieve More standardised level 1 Traineeship programme in your area.

· Give additional support where necessary and make decisions to judge competence against the learner’s chosen next steps

· Maintain delivery standards in accordance with the Common Inspection Framework (CIF) and formulate development plans for ongoing improvement

· Maintain standards in accordance with guidelines set by ESFA

· Manage administration of the organisations systems, procedures and responsibilities


· Initially assess prior achievements, identify learner suitability for the Traineeship

· Identify learner support needs e.g. Essential Skills and Soft Skills

· Agree learner starting points and set targets to develop and progress through the Traineeship

· Deliver practical-based sessions of vocational and employability skills

· Ensure Essential Skills, Equality & Diversity, British Values and Prevent is embedded into all sessions

· Ensure target setting motivates the learner and give written and oral feedback on progression towards agreed targets

· Ensure targets are met by learners

· Review learner progress in accordance with contractual requirements and the organisation’s systems

· Evaluate and document fully the learning of the learner

· Maintain Common Inspection Framework and build upon existing standards

· Ensure that company safeguarding policies and procedures are implemented and adhered to

· Ensure that safe practices and a culture of safety are promoted

· Ensure learner retention and achievement is within the organisation’s targets

· Monitor attendance and report any issues or concerns


· Create an individual learning plan that takes into consideration all learner needs and expectations

· Update information on progress of learner into learning plan

· Take into account learner prior experiences. Set target dates for completion of tasks/units/qualifications/Traineeship

· Refer to plan in reviews


· Target dates on reviews are to help learners effectively work towards achievement

· Action plan each learner against all components with a S.M.A.R.T approach

· Make targets motivating and give feedback on progress

· Involve work-based supervisors/mentors in progress and reviews

· Records of reviews must be in detail to show continuous progress


· Deliver engaging teaching sessions when necessary to meet the requirements of the Common Inspection Framework (CIF)

· Deliver/maintain standards/support development of an effective and innovative curriculum to meet the standards set by the company

· Identify resources necessary to deliver the programme

· Undertake any personal training in order to update qualifications required to support the role and responsibilities

· Agree and set targets with learners to develop and progress through the Traineeship to meet their needs

· Review learners progress in accordance with contractual requirements and the organisation’s systems

· Prepare and plan the effective delivery of all vocational activity sessions

· To be quality assured by observation of teaching, learning and assessment system

· To undertake training prescribed by the company in order to maintain the standard and currency of qualifications required to support the role and responsibilities

· Actively engage learners in the use of the e-portfolio/tracking system


· Adhere to assessment standards when assessing/moderating learners

· Involve employers/supervisors/mentors when planning assessments where appropriate

· Integrate the Main Aim Qualification, Essential Skills, Equality and Diversity, Differentiation and Soft Skills competence during all activities

· Incorporate various individualised and personalised assessment methods throughout the Traineeship

· Adhere to IQA/moderation systems and procedures

· Plan and monitor the timely progress of all learners assigned to sessions

· Be responsible for the regular review and target setting of learners


· Department plan to be maintained in accordance with organisation’s objectives

· Quality Assurance procedures maintained and are effective

· Monthly team meetings attended

· High level of teamwork and close co-operation with other departments

· Attend regular staff performance reviews

· Meeting agreed information and report deadlines


· To abide by the organisation’s systems and procedures

· Produce monthly reports for management

· Be a role model in maintaining a positive culture that embeds the organisation’s values by ensuring learners feel valued, safe and supported


· Departmental planning

· Agree key measures of performance for individual learners

· Improvement projects within team

· Maintain a positive teaching and learning environment

Management reserve the right to make changes to the above job description with any other duties which can be reasonably expected of this role.


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