Courtney Jones – Recruitment Assistant

Courtney first joined our summer sports programme in 2020, and very much enjoyed the Teaching and sports so she joined on our traineeship program. During this, she learnt how to plan and present her own sports sessions and come up with her own presentations in front of a class of learners. This improved her confidence a lot, and she gained lots of knowledge in this area.

In 2021 Courtney joined Achieve More Training as an Administration Officer, working on a variety of different admin tasks to get learners sign-ups ready for their qualifications. Whilst developing her knowledge within the company, she has also gained her Business Administration Level 2 qualification, Maths Level 2, English Level 2 and Digital Literacy Level 2.

Courtney has recently started developing her recruitment skills. Working with our recruitment coordinator, Andy, she is really excelling in this area and is gaining a lot of confidence and knowledge along the way.

Courtney loves to socialise with friends and family, and has a keen passion for water sports