North East Wales Partnership Manager

Job Description


· Business development and relationship management of key partners

· Advocate Apprenticeships, work-based learning with Employers

· Advocate Apprenticeships and Traineeships with potential learners (long term)

· Promote part-time FE courses in community and PLC centres

· Support Admin to maintain standards in accordance with guidelines set by ESFA



The Partnership Manager will receive programme data from the Quality manager and Directors monthly. They will analyse the data set and present recommendations for remedial action or Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) when deemed necessary at the monthly Senior Leadership Meetings (SLT).


The Partnership Manager will attend the following standard meetings

· Senior Leadership Team (SLT) Meetings – Weekly

· Departmental ‘Keeping in Touch’ (KIT) Meetings – Biweekly


The Partnership Manager is required to have an input to plans and deliver these against timescales set by the Quality Manager / Directors in accordance with the company Quality Calendar.

· Business Development Report – This report is to be raised against the headings contained within this job description and submitted when required.

· Performance Evaluation Report (PER) – This report is to be compiled by SLT with input from all managers, according to guidelines and instructions laid down by the Board.

· Other reports – The Partnership Manager will, from time to time, be required to submit additional reports dealing with subjects within their remit. In all cases reports should be easy to follow, contain accurate and up to date information and be submitted to the recipient in a timely manner.

Learner Welfare

Health & Safety – The Partnership Manager must ensure that learners are taught in a safe and secure environment at all times in accordance with ‘Safe Learner’ guidelines. They must enforce the organisation’s Health & Safety policy ensuring that staff report poor practice or general concerns to the Health and Safety team immediately.

Safeguarding – Ensure that company safeguarding policies and procedures are implemented and adhered to.

Learner Voice – The Partnership Manager is responsible for learner voice across the programme. The ‘Right to hear’ initiative has been identified as a vehicle to ensure that learner voice becomes an integral feature of the programme.

Standard measures of performance

· Oversee the Department Plan in accordance with business objectives for recruitment, retention and achievement

· Manage and maintain the Department Quality Improvement Plan and address actions for continuous improvement

· QA procedures are maintained by all members of staff and are effective

· Monthly team meetings attended by all members of staff and recorded appropriately

· High level of teamwork and close co-operation with other faculties within the organisation

· Attend regular staff performance reviews

· Meeting agreed information and report deadlines

Personal responsibility

· To abide by the organisation’s systems and procedures

· Ensure that the SLT are fully aware of activity across the programme

· Be a role model in maintaining a positive culture that embeds the organisation’s values by ensuring learners feel valued, safe and supported

Shared Team Responsibility

· Departmental planning

· Development of the curriculum

· Development of resources

· Improvement projects within team

· Maintain a positive teaching and learning environment

Management reserve the right to make changes to the above job description with any other duties which can be reasonably expected of this role.



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