Haverfordwest High VC School – Site Supervisor Apprenticeship

Job Description

As a site supervisor apprentice you reduce risks to health and safety in the workplace. Promote and maintain service delivery and contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of premises and facilities. Whilst also developing customer relationships.

Job roles will include:

To work under the guidance/instruction of appropriate senior staff:

  • To provide maintenance and security services on school premises and sites, thereby ensuring a safe working environment
  • To ensure that the school and grounds are in a good state of repairs and appearance;
  • To ensure the security, health and safety and cleanliness of the school is maintained;
  • To ensure all Health and Safety policies and procedures are complied with at all times;
  • To participate fully in all aspects of the life of the school, maintaining good relationships with children, staff, parents and visitors;
  • To report any breach of security to relevant authorities;
  • To monitor CCTV or surveillance equipment where appropriate.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • To deal with spillages,
  • To ensure the removal of rubbish and waste. This may include:
  • Removal of waste that requires safe handling procedures
  • Waste separation to comply with re-use and re-cycling processes
  • Removing waste classified as unsanitary, hazardous and/or dangerous.
  • Maintaining all outside areas external to the school to ensure they are presentable and free from waste materials.
  • To use the relevant procedures of the school to record breakages, repairs and maintenance work carried out and to record and monitor the quality of work carried out;
  • To refer relevant work to specialists in accordance with the health and safety requirements of the school and the authority;
  • To deal with repairs and maintenance that may arise as a result of accidents, emergencies and other unforeseen circumstances and liaise with School Site Manager and Business Manager
  • To ensure that all heating and lighting systems and other equipment are working properly, carrying out regular checks and accordingly;
  • To ensure, on a daily basis, that the toilets are replenished with soap and toilet paper;
  • Maintain and manage cleaning stock levels for the school, ensuring records in place for stock rotation and usage;
  • To ensure outside areas are clear of leaves from playground, drains and school entrances;
  • To keep drains and gullies free flowing, including un-blocking;
  • To ensure all pathways and all other external hard surfaces areas are kept clean, free of litter and weeds and that they are gritted or salted when required. Also to ensure appropriate stocks of salt and grit are held on site.

Health and Safety

  • To be responsible for safety and security within the school, including acting as a key holder and organising access for emergency access once competent;
  • To participate with Fire Drills in liaison with the School Business Manager and to maintain a log of all fire and security drills for inspection purposes;
  • To carry out regular checks of play and PE equipment identifying and organising for repairs of such following liaison with School Business Manager;
  • To take appropriate actions to identify, evaluate, minimise and manage any risks to health, safety and security in the immediate working environment. To carry out any relevant risk assessments as required by the school and borough;
  • To monitor and oversee the electrical testing of portable electrical appliances and maintain appropriate records;
  • To ensure that satisfactory levels of caretaking, cleanliness and hygiene are achieved and maintained through the whole of the premises.

Desirable / Personal Qualities

  • Any previous experience with trades or DIY
  • Good communicational skills relevant to both children and adults
  • Competent skills in numeracy, literacy and ICT
  • Ability to self-manage and organise own time
  • Personal qualities
  • Reliable
  • Smart appearance
  • Professional attitude
  • A level of maturity with working in a school environment will be required
  • Ambitious and hard working
  • Desire to be a positive role model to young people


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