Good Practice: Hayley Simons (STL Level 3)

Hayley started her apprenticeship in September 2021, within Ysgol Caer Nant. Hayley is gaining experience working closely with class teachers, helping pupils to expand their knowledge and being a positive role model within the school. Hayley has utilised her knowledge, communication skills and creativity to help pupils understand the information presented to them.

In January 2022, a maternity cover role came available, so Hayley applied and was successful within the interview. Hayley is now employed by the school and is enjoying her time gaining knowledge around different topics covered within her qualification such as ensuring effective teaching and learning. This involves agreeing with the teacher what she will do to support planned learning activities, providing the agreed support and giving feedback to the teacher about how well the activity went.

Hayley has completed assessments for her supporting teaching and learning qualification, which is building a portfolio of evidence which demonstrates knowledge, understanding and skills.

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