Achieve More Training become first Professional Learning Centre (PLC) in Wales

Primary PE Specialism course available in Wales for first time.’

Achieve More Training have teamed up with SLQ Sports Leaders to become the first Professional Learning Centre (PLC) in Wales.

Achieve More Training specialise in work-based learning and apprenticeships in Education, Sport and Leisure. As a result of becoming the first PLC in Wales, Achieve More Training are now able to offer qualifications at levels five and six, meaning that practitioners working across these sectors in Wales can now take advantage of fully funded training opportunities and relevant qualifications from level one to six, helping their career progression.

To celebrate this achievement, Achieve More Training (AMT) are launching the first ever ‘Level 5/6 Primary PE Specialism’ course in partnership with SLQ Sport Leaders and afPE (Association of PE in England and Wales). This course is fully funded for professionals working within primary PE and sport and is the first time this course is available in Wales.

The course aims to improve the physical literacy approach of schools, increase pupil voice and positive experience of PESSPA (PE, school sport and physical activity) whilst supporting teachers, coaches and teaching assistants gain the knowledge, skills, behaviour and experience to lead as a qualified Primary PE Co-ordinator.

Jamie Turley, Quality Manager at Achieve More Training stated, “Within a typical primary teaching degree courses, teachers would only spend a maximum of 15 hours on physical education and school sport in 3 years, so there is an obvious skills gap that we are trying to work with schools and practitioners to address for the sake of pupils enjoyment and long-term lifestyle choices.”

Gethin Mon Thomas, Educational consultant at Achieve More Training added, “The timing of this course, couldn’t have come at a better time. With pupils physical and mental health and wellbeing at the forefront of most schools agenda this term. I also believe this course, will help schools embed good practices of PESSPA and link to the new health and wellbeing strand of the new curriculum.”

Liam Hope, Director of Engagement and Marketing at SLQ Sports Leaders, believes that this new partnership arrives at the perfect time. He said: “After a prolonged period of students being at home, indoors and isolated, ensuring that their mental and physical wellbeing are high up the agenda for schools is more important than it’s ever been. Working with Achieve More Training as a PLC allows us to reach more schools and more communities, which, as a result, helps us to inspire more young people to stay active and healthy through high-quality PE provision.”

If any schools, or anyone working with primary school sport would like more information, please visit call 01745 797 797 or email

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